Friday, March 28, 2014

More Monkeying Around...A Fun Kids' Birthday Cake

This fun Monkey Cake was made to match the birthday party theme of a little girl who turned 3 in March.

What's inside of this cake would delight any monkey or kid alike:  Three layers of all natural Chocolate-Chip Banana Cake and Chocolate Buttercream Icing. Just take your usual banana bread recipe and split it among three 8" pans (or 1 pan filled with batter and baked 3 times).  Kids and adults love banana bread, so this cake was a hit all around. Yum!

The children really loved eating the balls of yellow fondant that I placed around the base of this cake (they find them fun to play with and to eat!).  And the yellow colour gave the cake a Spring-time feel.

The cake also nearly matches the Monkey Cupcakes in the previous article!  To make an impressive display for a large party, make a similar 8" round cake, and place it on the top layer of a cupcake stand. Then place matching monkey-face cupcakes on the bottom layers for a unique and fun tiered display.

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