Monday, September 22, 2014

Birch Bark and Fall Leaves Cake

This birch bark cake is perfect for a Fall themed wedding.
A dark chocolate-toffee rope wraps the cake, with a mix of fondant and gumpaste leaves (coloured with food colouring gel and sprayed with food colouring spray). The acorns were made of fondant and dark chocolate toffee.
I copied real pieces of birch bark to get the effect, and used edible brown and black markers to draw on the lines. Food colouring was painted on the top of each cake tier to make it look like the wood inside of cut pieces of the tree.
What's Inside?  The largest bottom tiers were made of Chunky Chocolate Blitz cake, which has a lot of different kinds of chocolate chunks, chocolate buttercream and moist chocolate cake.
The top tiers were made of layers of vanilla cake and pure raspberry buttercream icing.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Themed Cakes - Split Three-Tier Wedding Cake with Fall Leaves

The weather is starting to cool and so comes the time for Fall-themed weddings. And what is always included in a seasonal Fall wedding cake?  Leaves, leaves and more leaves!

All this week I will be posting pictures of cakes that follow a seasonal Fall theme.

The wedding cake shown here was a three tier cake, split into two parts.  The top tier sat on a giant martini glass off to the side, which followed some of the theme of this wedding and the invitations.  The leaves, made from gumpaste and fondant were sprayed with edible food spray to get just the right shade of orange to match the invitations.

The branches were made from the toffee that I use to make the chocolate TOFFLE, however, you could use dark brown fondant (add a little black colouring to brown fondant to darken it further) to get the same effect. Both the branches and leaves were attached to the cake by brushing on a little water, which makes the fondant on the cake sticky.  Once that dries, your leaves should stay on.  To secure them further, white royal icing can be used.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fun and Simple Dinosaur Cake

This simple dinosaur cake will stand out among the clutter of any child's birthday party.

The dinosaur is made with rice treats (Rice Krispie Squares) that were shaped by hand.  The scales were made by pushing candy sticks into the back, then placing the scales on top and securing them by brushing a little water onto the bottom of them (the water makes it stick once dry).

The rocks, eyes, spots and dinosaur 'skin' are all made with coloured fondant. The mouth was drawn on with food markers.

What's inside?  This cake did not have a chocolaty centre - as the parents were not quite ready to introduce their young son to chocolate.  But it was still delicious!  A tasty, all natural rich buttercream icing was layered between moist vanilla cake layers.

Tip: Cut the scales from fondant with a leaf cutter, placing two leaf shapes together around a toothpick.