Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Elsa Cake for a Frozen Birthday Party

Like most little girls, does your daughter love Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen?  Mine does, which is why I was talked into making an Elsa cake for her Frozen-themed birthday party. 

So I got out some Duff blue food colouring, some edible gold and silver food spray and got to work.

The dress portion of the cake was an angel-food cake with an icy mint buttercream. Under the 'snow' lay a Flourless Icy Mint Chocolate Truffle Cake, which was absolutely delicious.  The blue icing was also a minty buttercream.

I used white fondant for Elsa's sleeves and I took apart and washed my daughter's doll for Elsa's upper body.  Let's face it, the hair colour on those doll's are a perfect match, so why try to recreate it in gumpaste?  I used buttercream icing to slick her hair back and get a good 'Elsa braid'.

The shimmering effect was created by edible gold and silver food spray that I found in the cake section of Michael's. The beads were candy pearls.

I also made a small Olaf out of gumpaste and a large Olaf out of cardboard for a blind-folded "Place the Nose on Olaf"  game.  A roll of Frozen wrapping paper helped with the table decorations and an icy style tree that I got at the party store.

The party was a success!

Here is a photo gallery of how the cake came together:

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Curling Cake for a Curling Enthusiast

Winter is here and that means avid curlers are hitting the rinks. So perhaps it's time to make a birthday cake with a curling theme for that curling enthusiast in your life.

This curling cake looks simple but was actually quite complex. First I had to cover the cake in white fondant, then cut circles with sharp-edged bowls and glasses to get the rings on the ice surface.  I rolled out both blue and red fondant to create the exact same-sized rings to insert into the white fondant. This gave it the smooth surface of a curling rink.

Small pieces of grey-coloured fondant were used to make the stones (rolled into balls and then pressed with a thumb to get the right shape) and red and blue fondant for the handles.  You can add people made of gumpaste and the brooms for a more elaborate cake.

Tip:  Do not make this cake in July or in high temperatures - your blue or red fondant may leak food colouring down the sides of the bright white cake.