Monday, March 31, 2014

Black-and-White Themed Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes - A Consistent Look from Start to Finish

A wedding theme is an idea that consistently runs through every element of a wedding, from start to finish.  It can be a colour scheme, a concept or a symbol.  And it can be anything from motorcycles to roses. Some wedding couples want their theme to be as simple as an overall look that is consistent throughout the wedding.  The cake falls within that theme and, in order to be memorable, it should fully encompass it. 

I assisted a few brides who simply wanted a black-and-white themed wedding.  That colour scheme makes it easy when choosing the wedding dress, tuxedos and bridal party outfits.  But it must also start right from the invitations and follow through to the decorations and the cake. Here are some examples of Black and White Themed Wedding Cakes that I have made....

Black-and-White Themed Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers:

This black-and-white themed wedding cake matched the colour scheme and the pattern on the invitations that the bride chose.  Fresh flowers added to the outdoor setting of the wedding.

The cake was wrapped in vanilla-flavoured white fondant and the decorations were done with black-coloured fondant and stuck on with a little water.  Black satin ribbon completed the look. As a bonus, an extra bouquet of the brides flowers had been ordered to be used on the cake.

What's inside?  Whole cherries swirled into a rich buttercream icing with a touch of real vanilla flavouring layered between chocolate cake (bottom tier) and vanilla cake (top two tiers). Some dark chocolate truffle accompanied the chocolate cake layers. 

Black-and-White Vintage Themed Cake and Cupcake Display:

This cake and cupcake display was fun to make because the bride pre-set the cake display table for me and utilized beautiful vintage-style black and white boxes to create an eye-catching display of cupcakes.  The cake topper matched the overall theme, and the swirls on the cake were consistent with the wedding invitation.

For the cupcakes, a vanilla icing made with lard (instead of butter) was used to get a super-white vanilla icing that was all natural. A touch of black food colouring was added to a very dark chocolate truffle to achieve the black colour without losing any of the rich flavour.

Black fondant and ribbon completed the look to match the pattern on the invitations

What's inside the cake topper?  Peanut Butter Buttercream and Organic Milk Chocolate Chunks between several layers of chocolate cake. A favourite flavour of both the bride and groom!

Something to think about:

How does your black-and-white theme play out in your wedding cake? Does it match the invitations? The table covers and the centre-pieces? And how does the colour scheme and design of the cake  touch every other element of your wedding?

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