Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Little Monsters Birthday Cake for Your Little Monster

If you are looking for a great theme for your child's next birthday, try this Little Monster theme! It's easy enough to tie together a lot of colours. My sister bought the cards online, as well as many of the other decorations, and I made the cake.

I used the Fondarific Fondant brand in blue and orange to get the bright colours. In order to get the relaxed bottom on the top cake, I simple wrapped the cake as I usually would and pressed it into the sides, but I just did not cut the fondant.  Instead I used scissors to cut swooping edges. This gave it more of a messy, 'monster' feel. A straight-edged bottom just wouldn't have had the same effect.

The eye-balls that are standing above the edge of the cake are made of gumpaste instead of fondant, which hardens so stiffly that the eyeballs can stand up. I used black and white fondant for the other decorations, and white candy sticks inside the arms that are sticking out of the cake.

What's inside?  The bottom layer is chocolate cake with a milk chocolate & sour cream icing between the layers. The top layer had a butterscotch caramel buttercream icing between layers of vanilla cake.

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